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Lucas's complaint against CeX

Lucas Benson


cex haveing a go at me for bringing back broken good they sold me

Complaint against CeX

cex staff had a go at me saying. "you NEED TO STOP BRING BACK BROKEN GOOD" even tho they sold it to me broken i did not know this untill i got home things that i got from them that was broke are. ps4 controller. broken triggers smartphone (iphone se) battery died in matter of hours and a watch that they said was brand new but was missing parts and box was one of there own boxes. I dont recomend buying a game from them due to them printing fake copys off and still selling it to you for the same price so dont buy anything from cex due to them been so rude with me It the way she spoke close to my face and shouting out loude makeing me feel uncomfdable (sorry for my spelling) and a bit sad and i cant return a brooken proudut to them now so yeah i hope they see this and read it do i recomend them NO I DONT AT ALL

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