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Tom's complaint against CeX

Tom Alan


The trade-in and sale prices and how they've become extremely inadequate and unfair

Complaint against CeX

I've been a frequent and loyal customer to cex for several years now. When I first started using cex to trade and buy all kinds of items, I was very happy and contented with the trading rates and the sale prices of cex. However, over the past few years, I have noticed a gradual change in this good and fair customer consideration. The sale prices have increased extremely, some things have doubled, and even tripled in price over time. Not only this, the very fair trading rates of cex have become so unbelievably unfair, that they're even almost like a joke. I recently searched the cex website for a certain DVD, a film that has been around since 2009... Cex is currently selling it for £2.50, although their current exchange rates for it are 30 pence in cash, or 40 pence in cex trade credit. I am sorry to have to say this, but I and many, many others believe that this is an outrage and almost a mockery of good loyal customers, on cex's behalf. Even just a couple of years ago, the trade rates would've been no less than half of the price that they were selling the item for. Although their variety of items is as good and strong as it has always been since I've known of cex, the sale prices and the trade and exchange rates, over the last several years, has unfortunately become, very very bad and unfair. Some would blame this on the rarity of the items increasing, or just the general economy and business rates, taking their toll etc...but even considering 'reasons' like this, there is still no acceptable explanation for how much the trade rates and sale prices have changed in favour of cex's profit. Ultimately, I feel let down and disappointed. I still use my local cex store to trade and buy items, but not half as much as I used to, thanks to this issue. I hope that they soon realise their mistake, and that this tactic for profit will soon lose them so much business and customer loyalty, that it was not worth doing...and also that it was within their recently demolished fair trade and sale rates, that people found them the true centre of entertainment exchange.

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