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Shona's complaint against Harveys Furniture

Shona Finnie


A complete debacle

Complaint against Harveys Furniture

I am writing to register my complaint with Harvey's. At the beginning of September 2016 I ordered a loveseat and a three seater sofa from the Braehead store and delivery was arranged for the 12th December. I paid the required deposit and agreed to pay the balance one week before delivery. 10 days before the balance was due to be paid, I started to receive phone calls from the store asking me for the money. I pointed out that I still had a couple of days and that, as I was in canada at the time, their repeated calls were costing me a great deal of money. To no avail however as the calls continued and I paid the balance. The delivery date arrived and I was advised that my Furniture would arrive between 7am-1pm. By 1.30pm I was wondering what had happened to my goods and so called the delivery line to be informed that the Furniture was lost!!!! A morning wasted and no furniture, not to mention the lack of information. I was then advised that my loveseat had been found and would be delivered two days later. Cue the 7am to 1pm slot and again they were late. When the van finally turned up (around 3pm) they had the loveseat but it was damaged. Second day wasted. More calls to Harveys, a few apologies and a promise to find a replacement as well as my three seater. A couple of days later I was told that a loan couch would be sent. Again I waited for this 7am -1pm slot and at 12.30pm I received a call to say the van had broken down so no delivery. Third day wasted. Then the loan couch turned up next day, again later than specified . Forth day wasted. I was then told that my three seater had been found and would be delivered on December 22nd between 7am and 1pm. I was also told by Lucy Baker that if I cancelled my order I would receive £165 compensation but if I kept the order I would receive 'considerably more' . When it turned up the couch turned out to be the wrong colour, had no feet and was damaged. Fifth day wasted. I called the store , again, and called customer services again and agreed to think about whether or not to cancel. I rang back on December 27th and asked what 'considerably more ' meant. It turns out that to keep my custom, I would be offered £200. I rejected this. A few discussions later I decided that I could do without looking for replacements so decided to take the , now increased, compensation of £255 and reorder. This was done on the telephone on December 30th with Hitash. All well and I even decided to disregard the comment made by the store manager that my mishaps had given them 'a good laugh'. Less than an hour after thinking my isssues had been resolved , I received a call from a person called HARRIS who told me that my order could not be placed as the colour was discontinued. I was speechless!!!! He said he would see what could be done and would call me back to advise. I informed him that I would Be flying then next day and would not be available for most of the day. In the intervening time, I reflected on this farce and decided that I would rather cancel the order, take the £165 and start again. I called Harveys customer service to convey this desire and was told that the reorder had been placed . I had not been contacted with any updated info and the lady I spoke to said that someone had called me at 10.59 to tell me. I was mid air at that time So not true. She also told me that they now had lots of sofas in the colour I wanted. Really? Overnight lots of stock had miraculously appeared? This only confirmed my lack of faith. I insisted that I wanted the refund and the compensation and was then told that the£165 had never been offered!!! I was extemely unhappy at this and , after some fairly strong insistence , was told that they would have to listen to the calls and would reply on January 3rd. Meanwhile I called the store and they told me that my furniture was reordered on december 30th at 16.04 , yet nobody bothered to confirm this with me. There is also a call noted to me at 10.59on December 31st and this is impossible . I find Harveys to be unprofessional , dishonest and disorganised and I wish to cancel my order, be paid the agreed compensation and return the damaged goods that they have left me with. I would NEVER, EVER recommend this apology for a company !

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