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Andy's complaint against Harveys Furniture

Andy Brown


Abysmal Customer Service

Complaint against Harveys Furniture

Got our suite and extendable table 3 weeks ago. Sectional suite doesn't fit together properly, still awaiting an assessor to come out and check it. We paid extra for assembly, the guys assembled the table 3 weeks ago too, and there was a chip out of corner of it, plus the extendable part wouldn't extend properly (glad I paid extra for the assembly or I'd have been blamed for those issues🙄). So redeliver was arranged for yesterday, 19th Dec.....Got a text day b4 saying they'd be here 7am - 1pm (so was sitting waiting from 6.30am). Well at 2.30pm no phone call or appearance. I phoned the number on the text. A company called Condor who organise the deliveries. She assured me yes it Is still scheduled for delivery today. So no phone call for further hours...but at 6.15pm got a chap at the door from the 2 delivery guys....sorry we're late..."no probs your here now" I said. So the proceed to bring in the 4 boxes that contain the table n chairs. He stacks them all neatly in the middle of our living room.. He then says ok I'll take a picture of these and get a signature from you!... ""wait are yous not gonna assemble them...wait for it!! I 🤣."no you would have had an assembly already when you're suite was delivered....yes we did but other table was faulty" He then says policy is you only get one build and that would be at the same time your other products were delivered!. My wife explained (as I was fuming inside with rage) we paid for assembly and we received original table damaged. So have we to pay again for something that was out with our control?? He said again you only get one build!!..... OK I said just put it all back in the van!! I'll just cancel the order...Shocked him there....yeah but...but..but he said...I'll make a phone call. Came back in 20mins later,.(20 mins that could've been used yo assemble the damn thing. ) yes we'll leave it here and harveys will come out sometime soon to assemble it... NO WAY that will happen I said...as yous were meant to be doing it Yet yous aren't??? I SAID just take it away if yous aren't gonna build it!!. So they did.. Now youd think I as a customer would get a phone call from Harvey's to get this sorted.?? So I have now tried phoning harveys CS and after 52mins of waiting to speak to an advisor I've been cut off (very worrying that the CS queue on the phone is on average one hour....that in itself Tells you something😡). WHY DOES IT TAKE SO LONG TO GET THROUGH TO CUSTOMER SERVICE???

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