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Steve's complaint against Harveys Furniture

Steve Coleman



Complaint against Harveys Furniture

Where do I start...delivery drivers threatening to punch each other in the face before my sofa was in my property. Once in the sofa was forced through a door way causing chipped paint to the frame and architrave as well as damage to wall paper. Once in the desired room the legs needed to be attached. 5 were attached properly, 1 was forced causing the bolt to thread (this leg is now hanging ‘limp’ the other I was told was “just a spare” although I’ve since found out that wasn’t the case. The corner recliner sofa I ordered seemed to have a power issue which meant the recliner doesn’t recline, there are 3 significant scratches to the sofa as well as a stain. My paper work was left on the front lawn for me to collect. I tried to phone Harvey’s customer service number however they were closed and I’m yet to find out from anyone or anywhere their opening hours. I decided to visit the store the same evening of delivery to explain my problems and was given an ‘SR’ code which I’m told means it’s taken more seriously as I visited a store to complain and I would be contacted within 2 days. For belt and braces I also emailed and was told I’d have a reply within 5 working days. I phoned the store (Sidcup) on the Monday after the Friday delivery and spoke to the delightful store manager who didn’t seem to care much. When I offered to drop the sofa back she agreed and offered a refund after a debate as to whether they have more space to store the sofa or I do...unfortunately due to the delivery teams inability to tighten a bolt the legs were stuck as the bolt heads were rounded meaning the sofa wouldn’t fit through my already damaged doorway. I phoned on the Tuesday evening to explain the situation however the store manager was in a disciplinary meeting which “was important” and so she would call me back. A gentleman from another store called me eventually on the same evening to offer a courier service on the Thursday which I agreed to however, on speaking to the single driver who had no tools it was agreed, prior to his visit, that any attempts to remover the sofa would be futile. My partner phoned on the Friday to get answers and was told my a staff member that I am a liar and an ‘expert’ was visiting to inspect and remove the sofa. After 53 attempts to call the store on Saturday morning I decided my only hope of a resolution was to again visit the store which had no customers, three visible staff members and phones being ignored. The manager advised that she would not speak to me as a customer, demanded her staff not to speak to me and asked me to call customer services. After being on hold for approximately 90 minutes I was advised that in order to cancel my order another ‘expert’ would have to visit on the 29th (time unspecified) to hear me say face to face I did not want this product anymore. After some discussion and an expression of “pissing in the wind” a senior customer service member condescendingly cut the phone off. I am now unsure whether the sofa is being refunded, collected, repaired or ignored completely. I would advise anyone thinking of using Harvey’s to avoid at all costs! I’ve had nothing but rudeness, time delays and lies from all but one member of their staff (the gentleman who offered the courier) however I have since been told he was not authorised to offer this service and it’s doubtful it happened... Sent from my iPhone

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