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Joanne's complaint against Harveys Furniture

Joanne Spencer


Furniture not fit for purpose

Complaint against Harveys Furniture

Having received our sofa, love chair and storage foot stool mid Nov last year and by the end of January all the seating cushions had gone flat and are so uncomfortable we are now sitting on the floor. Contacted Harvey's who sent an assessor out who weighed the cushions took two photos on a mobile phone and left. Harvey's said as the cushions were in weight there was no manufacturing fault and so would take the complaint no further. I pointed out that under the consumer rights act a product has to be fit for purpose and last a reasonable length of time which they fail on both counts. They again refused to do anything so I got my own independent assessor who said in over 30 years in the business he has never heard such rubbish as weighing the cushions as a valid inspection. The day before he came the storage footstool arm broke so the lid no longer stays open without holding it up. He looked at all the furniture and did a thorough assement and wholeheartedly agreed with us they are not fit for purpose and have been filled with a cheap and inadequate fibre which is pumped with air which after only a few weeks will undoubtedly go flat once the air has dispersed. The footstool has the wrong size screws to fix the arm to the wood and again would only last a short time. I sent all reports and a copy of his invoice of £150.00 to Harvey's they responded with an email saying in his report it doesn't state who is at fault or if there is a manufacturing fault so once again refuse to do anything! Who do they think is at fault! Seeing as I purchased from them and certainly didn't manufacture the goods myself there can be only one answer. This has now been going on since the end of January and the customer service is completely useless. I am disgusted as we are now left with a sofa we can't sit on and broken footstool. We are £1200 out of pocket not to mention the assessor we paid for and all the time and effort in replying to emails to Harvey's which are at most obtuse. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with and will be advising anyone never to purchase anything from them ever.

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