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Hiwet's complaint against Harveys Furniture

Hiwet Berhe


length it has taken to recive the good and having to pay 20% of the good for one sofa to be returned

Complaint against Harveys Furniture

I purchased 2 sofa August 2016. I was informed my goods will be delivered within 6 weeks. I called several times requesting when my goods will be delivered and only to be informed I can make a complaints after I had received my goods or full amount could be reimbursed due to the length of time its taken. Due to family crisis I had to go away, I called Harveys informing them of the current situation and clear instruction of whom to contact once the sofa were dispatched. In my absence (mid November) Harvey's were continually bombarding me with continues texts and calls and had failed to follow clear instruction provided given the fact that I was dealing with crisis. When I returned I called Harveys to arrange delivery date, only to be informed their system no longer has my information and they will do what they can to see what can be done. Again, I called customer service department, customer service apologised stating I can make a complaint once I receive my goods in order for me to be compensated for negative experience and the length of time it has taken for my goods to be delivered. Again I had to go away for another emergency crisis, before departing, I contacted Harveys and i was able to arrange when delivery could be made and it was agreed delivery of the goods will take place on 8.12.16 between 7:00am and 13:00. On the day of the delivery 2 large sofa were delivered, my sister instructed the delivery man if one sofa could be returned because it was to large. Both delivery man stated that both sofa had to be unpackaged and couldn't be returned by them and advised that return goods can be arranged via customer service. Today I contacted customer service department in regards to on eof the sofa could be exchanged for smaller size. I was informed that that I would have to pay £200 to return the goods for refund or exchange. I am completely in shock of the service I have received, the length it has taken the goods and well as their return policy. Pls advise. Regards

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