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Tom Lamb


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Complaint against Harveys Furniture

Absolutely terrible quality sofa's and customer service. How you can sell 4 year finance for a product that only lasts one year i will never know. The recliner on our sofa broke a few weeks after the 12 month guarantee ran out. Simple fix - the retaining spring has bent out of shape and therefore come out of its placeholder. I have managed to bend it back into shape and replace so i can close the recliner, but upon contacting Harvey's if they could pop a new spring the the post for me to replace was told i would have to (at my own expense) get an independent to come in, and assess my sofa's and the damage and to identify how the damage happened and who was at fault... All i asked for was a spring (which probably costs them about 50p) to be sent in the post. Didn't kick up a stink that the sofa had broken, or was unusable. Luckily enough I'm handy and nimble so was able to temporarily fix myself (and older person wouldn't have been so luck and would be left with a footrest sticking out of their sofa) Unbelievable - i used to sell furniture for a living and if this had happened to one of my customers i would have happily put a replacement in the post, no questions asked.. something that would have been so simply to get a good outcome was met with such resistance. Was even quoted the Consumer Rights Act of 2015... FOR A REPLACEMENT SPRING? Bad quality product that i now don't trust will last the 4 years i have to pay for them, let alone any longer. First time i have bought brand new sofa's and to be honest my ancient second hand recliners were of a better quality. DFS next time i think....

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