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Nataliya's complaint against Harveys Furniture

Nataliya Vakhrameeva


Order no 70056647 - copy sent to customer services twice

Complaint against Harveys Furniture

Dear Customer Services, Today, after three weeks of wasting my time, the direct sales team at Haveys cancelled my order number 70056647. The reason given to me was that I didn't reply to the email sent to me. I have scanned and attached a rather heavy file with multiple discussions with numerous colleagues. I have quite clearly always replied and initiated contact, it is very obvious from the attached document. I am unable to identify who was responsible for the way I have been treated, everyone's surname is the same. Therefore my complaint is directed at the absolutely appalling way a customer, myself, has been treated by the company and its affiliates. The timeline is as follows: 11 March - I order online, and I apply for financing for 6 months. I am asked to perform a credit check on my name. This is now on my credit record for no reason at all. 13 March - I call the affiliate credit company to advice that they have created a credit agreement with made up address and that I would like that amended. I was advised that I don't need to sign it and they would let Harveys know to process the order. 13 March - I called Harveys to ask if the order was processed, was told that it was, and that it should take around two weeks, that I would get a call a week prior to delivery being booked. 24 March - I receive and email from Oliver Moughton at Steinhoff retail, advising me that I need to sign the finance agreement. After 10 days of waiting I reply with a long email explaining what has happened so far. I get a reply with no apology and total lack of interest that I either sign the agreement with the wrong details, or the order gets cancelled. I ask for the order to be cancelled. 25 March - I receive a letter from Creation finance. Completely wrong. I am told to ignore it. 27 March - I receive another email from Elizabeth Moughton, saying actually we can print the finance agreement and send it to you, would I like to proceed with the order. I respond that I agree. 30 March - I receive the finance agreement, sign and send back. 3 April - I follow up with an email checking if my signed agreement is received. The response is that my order has been cancelled as of today and that is due to me not responding to an email sent on the 24th of March. 3 April - I call customer services and I am told my order is cancelled, none of the communication I refer to is available, and there is nothing to do. Please note in the attached emails and during all of my attempts to contact Harveys and Creation finance not one representative made any attempts to help solve the situation, no apology was offered. There was absolutely no attempt whatsoever to salvage a situation, which was really not that complicated. I was always happy to keep the order, and to sign the agreement if I could amend the wrong information. The information was wrong due to a system fault. I have spent three weeks waiting, writing, calling two companies who clearly do not care at all about a customer order and experience. I do happen to own a property, not my first. I happen to need more furniture now and in the future. I have previously bought from Harveys in the past and had a good experience. I will not be a customer again in the future. I will make sure to share my recent experience. Best, Nataliya Vakhrameeva

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