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Gareth's complaint against Harveys Furniture

Gareth Black



Complaint against Harveys Furniture

Been on the phone TO THEM every month may I add never them contacting me regards a sofa I still haven’t received since early November. Meant to have delivery of corner sofa and 2 seater for new home since delivery date (which was booked) on 21 NOVEMBER nothing showed also took day of work then I phoned the customer service number to again be told by them it was lost in transit which I panicked naturally then told oh sorry it’s not in stock and delivery won’t be till 23 February. Store phoned me ,wednesbury. who offered me discount for the long wait. Now I would like to add the store in wednesbury have been brilliant it’s the customer service line is the issue. Nobody knows what they r doing. During this time of waiting I have had a text in December to arrange delivery but then got a follow up msg explaining it was a mistake. I then phoned again 9 february to just follow up with delivery and told by them that they will have the delivery around 13 February then I will need to phoned back around then. I explained for the wait u will phone me as I believe that is good customer service. He agreed and said he will ‘note on the system to call’ but we should have delivery before 23 February. Surprise surprise 18 February no call just a silly text msg for us to call them. So I did so on the 19 February I called spoke to them and have been told we can book u for delivery on the 13 MARCH!!!! AS YOU CAN TELL MY BLOOD IS BOILING!!! I requested a call back from the manager at call centre as the store doesn’t deal with anything after the sale as being told all the time from the customer service workers. I was told you will get a call in 24 hours. I then called the store for advice and spoke who said she will look into this as it’s getting out of hand and will get back to me. Which I understand was late in the day but will probably phone me in the morning. So at the moment thank you again Jackie as you seem to be the only person willing to help. I would give 4 stars to her for her quick responses everytime. This is the time of when I put this review up - 19 February just after 5pm. So 20 February had a very rude phone call from them still not management who told me my delivery was now arranged for 23 February to the stores address!!!??? She then keep going on saying this was my fault and not theirs!! This was ridiculous as of course how could I or why would I put the stores address for delivery. She then realised herself after 2-3 times repeating herself that she best ring the store to discuss the problem. Funny how it’s my fault when I can’t change the stores information on THEIR SYSTEM. After this she say she cant get through. I then asked why is the delivery day change from suddenly 13/15 MARCH (as found out the 13 MARCH wasn’t even booked) to the first original date the 23 FEBRUARY which the response to this was because we had a cancellation. (SHOWS YOU NEED TO BLAST ON TRUST PILOT REVIEWS TO GET SOMEONE TO HELP IN CUSTOMER SERVICE LINE) My phone signal then cut the line. Really didn’t help so ring back to them for ring back request. During this time I had then spoke to store and she yet again (the lil star) had sorted the issue of the address and got the order sorted. She spoke really nicely apologises for the hassle which I explain we all do it but holding ur hands up (even if it’s not even that individuals fault) and take it on the chin I respect people for this thank u again. I finally got a ring back request and spoke to them again (remember I know what has happened and got it resolved showing the customer service dept make things up as they go along) who then told me there is a mistake from the store and delivery has been entered wrongly and apologised with a push from me. The next problem is now the delivery address is incorrect it needs to be changed and she then told me the delivery day will now be different!!!! (Yes that’s right it’s Harvey’s mistake but I still can’t get the original day 23 FEBRUARY because they entered my address wrongly now) can someone please tell me, is this what u call customer service!!! I then asked for an address to post my complaint letter and email address for complaints (as the one on their site doesn’t work as told by 3 or 4 staff at Harvey’s customer service line & store). She couldn’t get me one. So, The end of the call I asked for a call back today with a final answer to date and address of delivery and still for management to call me and discuss the issues from start to finish and the addresses for complaints. Again I have phoned to the customer service number and spoken to them been the most helpful so far. She explain that they are contacting the warehouse manager via email and will get back to me today regards the delivery address change and the 23 FEBRUARY DELIVERY DATE. She explained further that they are waiting for the warehouse to get back to them and the SUPERVISOR will be in touch today as she is in till 7pm tonight. During this time i had a source inform me that the customer service dept are trying to say the store did the fault in the first place and discovery that the address & a telephone number was changed at the customer service dept (HEAD OFFICE) on the 22 NOV - 17.42. So the customer service again trying to shift responsibility. I will say again why would you have a corner sofa and a 2 seated sofa delivered to the store in Wednesbury when it can come straight to my house. I have received a call from customer service again she explained that i will get the delivery on the 23 FEBRUARY to my home address which is music to my ears. I will receive a text msg in the next couple of days explaining AM OR PM delivery time slot. GREAT ONLY TIME WILL TELL AS THIS HAS BEEN TOLD TO ME BEFORE SO I WILL REPORT MY FINDING TILL THEN. 21 FEBRUARY got a text on my partners phone saying delivery 23 FEB BETWEEN 7am-1pm. So far again getting further. Still waiting TIL the day. 23 FEBRUARY I rang twice to check the delivery was still coming and spoke to them who checked and said it’s still coming. Then it hit 12am and to me it’s cutting it fine. I then phoned again to chase and them who told me that the traffic is bad and should be with me but may be late by half an hour which I told her I appreciated her honest so I will wait. Omg the sofas arrived can’t believe it!!! But there’s a problem the 2 seated sofa is missing bolts and the delivery driver said WE NEED TO CONTACT THE LOCAL STORE FOR THE PARTS!!!! this company is a joke should they not phone the store or custom service and resolve this!!!! Then they left without A bye or anything and never explained how the corner sofa electric seat works so we had to phone the local store for that and they explained to me. While I’m on the phone I told them about the missing parts and I was told to phone customer service!!! Aaaahhh not this stupidity again. I phoned the customer service and spoke to them who got a blasting down the phone. I explained everything again and he told me he will send the bolts and then phone me this Friday to finalise everything and make sure I got the bolts. So the saga continues even further!!! Surprise surprise no bolts or call this company is terrible I will never buy from them again!!!! I need the parts so going to have to call again!!! I have rang 5 times today every hour since 12am and its saying they our closed Even when they voice recording is saying they are open SATURDAY 9-5 what a joke so they can’t handle the numbers of complaints then. But I have tried again and surprise!!! they r answering the number 5 to pay for items, well I say answer but you have to wait 36 minutes. So still no parts that they never delivered in the first place and can’t get through to sort. ———————————————————— I would STILL like a phone call from MANAGEMENT as I want a response with answers to this all and then how they will sort in future. I will send my letter to head office once the items are here in my house which has the dates times and people i have spoken too.

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