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Amy's complaint against Harveys Furniture

Amy Andrews


WARNING - Faulty sofas, 2 year+ battle to get a refund!

Complaint against Harveys Furniture

I ordered my 2 sofas and footstool in May 2015, less than a year later the 3 seater was sagging and uncomfortable. I reported the fault to Harvey’s within a year of delivery in March 2017. After 5 unsuccessful repairs I was given a replacement sofa. This sofa was worse and became sagging and uncomfortable again within 1 month! Harvey’s’ refused to give me a refund even though the law states you are entitled to a full cash refund after you have given the retailer the opportunity to both repair and replace. After 2 further unsuccessful repairs, I was finally granted a refund in September 2018. Yes all in all this process took 18 months! Yet the unbearable frustrations did not stop there with Harvey’s. I was told I would be refunded within 2 weeks, once the old sofa was taken away in September 2018. However the refund was never received. After continuous phone calls and emails with Harvey’s (both the store and customer service), I finally received the refund plus compensation cheques in May 2019 (9 months late!) This whole experience from reporting the original fault to getting my money took 2 YEARS and 2 MONTHS! Horrific. I have kept this purely factual to keep it short, but as you can imagine this has been an extremely frustrating, stressful and miserable 2 years. Harvey’s products are of the lowest inferior quality and their customer service is utterly incompetent. Please be warned, do not buy from Harvey’s. As a tip to anybody facing similar problems, Harvey’s use a useless company called ‘Homeserve’ to inspect products reported as faulty. Harvey’s commissioned ‘Homeserve’ to inspect the replacement sofa and they said that there was nothing wrong with it and the problem was due to “customer seating position”. I am quite slim, we don’t have kids and I like to sit straight on my sofa as it is comfier, so this was completely unfounded. However it is irrelevant really as I should be able to sit however I like on my sofa without it going faulty within 1 month. Top tip - I commissioned my own report with ‘Servico’ who found the structural issue with the sofa and their report was the evidence that finally enabled a refund to be granted (the Servico inspection costs £45 but Harvey’s refund this if their report deems the product as faulty).

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