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Dan's complaint against Fone Angels

Dan Atkinson


'Fast' service = over 1 month wait for phone repair

Complaint against Fone Angels

Having sent my company phone to be repaired in July (they confirmed receipt on 14/07), I got a response on July 20th invoicing letting me know that there would be a 7-10 working day wait before my order would be completed (having had my phone for nearly a week already). On Julst 23rd, they invoiced me for £44.99 to replace a charging dock connector and that was the last I'd heard on the repair in August. Having heard nothing back, I contacted them on Monday August 3rd but was told that the person I contacted couldn't provide an update and that they'd pass it to the customer services to update me. After hearing nothing that week, I then contacted them over the phone on Friday August 7th. Every option on their phone service prevents existing customers from requesting updates, so I persisted and got through as a new customer. Eventually, I spoke to someone who said that they didn't know what was happening but that they would find out. At the end of the day, I got an email back letting me know that they had been 'rather busy as of late' and apologised for the delay, but they would have the device repaired and dispatched next week (August 10-14). That week came and went with no further communication, so I requested another update on August 17th. Apparently, they were still awaiting stock for the spare part but that it should be delivered 'this week' (August 17-21). Having had enough of the delays and complete lack of communication, I vented my frustrations on Twitter on August 18 about the company and their 'fast' service boast. They contacted me to apologise once again but didn't really offer any solutions until I requested the device be returned un-repaired with a full refund on the part that had been paid for. At this point, they said that the device could be repaired the next day and they are just waiting on the part to arrive. On Twitter, someone contacted me to apologise again and via DM said that the previous replacement part was faulty and that, because my 2.5 year old Samsung phone was so old, that parts were difficult to source. As it's a company phone, and I've been without mine for over a month, I requested that, if they cannot fix the device, then they should simply return it unrepaired and that I'll take it to a local shop instead. If they could fix the device, then proceed, and that, in either scenario, I wanted the device back in my hands by Friday August 21 close of business. Somewhere along the way, wires got crossed and I was told that my device was now being despatched, unrepaired. However, when I asked if the situation had suddenly changed, I was told that it wasn't correct and that my device wasn't being returned, yet. The spare part never arrived and so my phone was sent back, unrepaired on August 20 and the refund was processed.

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Dan Atkinson | | VERIFIED

The refund was send, via PayPal, to my work email address (which has no PayPal account), rather than a refund on the card used to actually make the payment in the first place.
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