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David's complaint against Fone Angels

David Hunt



Complaint against Fone Angels

I initially set up an order online for a replacement screen for my ipad. a few weeks later, I received confirmation that the screen had turned up and I could bring in my ipad for repair. I was told that the repair time is "about" 7-10 days but could be longer. Happy with this, I just asked to be kept informed as to when it would be fixed. 4 weeks after this date, I checked on the progress, but was told that the screen hadn't arrived. On querying this, the advisor confirmed she had made a mistake, and the Ipad would be repaired within the week. 2 weeks later, and no confirmation, I contacted fone angels asking for any progress updates. I was notified that my device was ready for collection. I drove to fone angels, and on arriving at reception, and waiting for 30 mins, 2 staff came out and told me that they'd sent the device to my home address. They couldn't get and courier details when I asked for the shipping info, but said "These things happen, We'll get the device back and send it back out" - On exclaiming that I didn't want it sent by courier, I told them that I'd collect it, but please contact me when in stock, so I can drive back. 5 days later, I'd received no contact. I phoned a number of times, and asked to speak with Owen the service manager, he wouldn't take the call, so I asked to pass on my concern. Owen emailed me back explaining that the reason for the lengthy repair was down to how busy they were (I RESPONDED ACCUSING HIM OF NOT UNDERSTANDING MY COMPLAINT AND THAT I JUST WANTED MY IPAD BACK, WORKING OR NOT). Owen apologised, assured me that the device WAS back, despite not getting the confirmation, and I could collect at any point. The next day, I drove back to fone angels, waited in reception for 30 Mins, only be greeted by an empty handed employee, explaining that my device wasn't ready or not repaired !!!!! I left the premises, and emailed Owen again (I had to email as he wouldn't take any calls), asking for him to call, and why the device wasn't ready, despite them sending it out, despite him advise it was. he apologised and told me again, that NOW it definitely was ready. I drove back to fone angels, collected my device, the screen has been repaired, but it now wont charge. It was working before they sent it out to me, and the matter is still not closed. I've dealt with some bad companies in my time, but seriously advise you never to use this company. On telling my colleagues this story ( I work for a large IT service organisation), all have informed me that professionally AND as a consumer, Fone Angels is the worst company for service and care.

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