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Sandy's complaint against Fone Angels



Misleading, overselling, no customer service, no appreciation of the Supply of Goods & Services Act

Complaint against Fone Angels

I naively saw a great price for a replacement iPad screen and now realise that when you pay peanuts you get monkeys! Their website states that you can ring and ask for a turnaround time so I did. 7-10days I was told which in to most reasonable people would mean up to 14. By the way, when a person pays for a service THAT is a contract FOR THE SUPPLY OF A SERVICE governed by the supply of goods and service Act (something FoneAngels couldn't accept) Whilst there can be no guarantee of a turnaround time within 10 days the law then expects reasonable skill and care in meeting that timescale and good customer service expects you to keep the customer informed if you cannot meet that timeframe. I got neither apart from an email within 24 hrs saying their technician recommended additional work at a cost of £44.99. Naively I trusted this company and then never heard from them until a month had passed. I then emailed for an update. Their response was that they had been busy but it would get repaired later that week or the beginning of next week and I'd get an update. No update. Just a further email from me the following week asking if my device had been dispatched yet. I then got virtually the same excuse which made me wonder if this was a pre typed response and the person had forgotten they had already used that excuse on me. I expressed my dissatisfaction via another email (because they don't answer phones) only to be given the excuse about faulty stock but they were awaiting more stock. They seemed to have now just abandoned any concept of timeframes. I highlighted the lack of keeping me updated and they offered me £20 goodwill. I suggested £40 and a definite timescale which they accepted they couldn't give. At this stage I demanded a full refund only to be told it would take 10 days. Amazingly I received my iPad within 24hrs and immediately sent it to another company. The other company charged slightly more but gave exceptional customer care. They informed me only the screen needed repair and the connector button worked perfectly (contrary to what FoneAngels had said). A month later I began the chase to get my refund. Several emails later and the threat of court action finally resulted in a refund minus £24.99 they'd deducted because I'd changed my mind. I appreciate their staff are not legally qualified but they actually tried to suggest the deduction was permitted because it was within their terms and conditions. T's and C's must be reasonable and you cannot rely on them where you are at fault. I hadn't changed my mind. I had to cancel he contract due to their inability to fulfill their obligations to repair my iPad with reasonable skill and care within a reasonable timescale. Despite trying to draw their attention to the law they seemed unable to grasp the concept of contract and maintained there had never been a contract. They kept saying I had cancelled the agreement and they never promised 7-10days. It's infuriating when none of their staff (at several levels) understood that all that was needed was a sorry and a refund. Instead they tried to oversell and then unlawfully withhold my full refund. Thankfully it took PayPal considerably less to decide in my favour and refund me the missing amount. Poor customer service leads to a customer feeling aggrieved and this can be overcome with an apology and a genuine goodwill gesture. If they'd done that I might have put it down to a bad experience. Their subsequent denial of responsibility and attempts to silence me has resulted in a determined decision to ensure my complaint is heard by anyone who searches for reviews on this company. I will have many devices over the years to come and with kids I'm sure many screens will need replacing but I will NEVER use this company and will advise everyone who ever finds themselves in a similar situation to keep looking elsewhere. My complaint is actually on Trust pilot (for now) although FoneAngels has already pulled it down once. I then provided proof that I was a customer and got it back on again. Now their reply is that my review is untrue and they are checking the validity of it. I'm more than happy to upload every email from my very first contact to my letter threatening court action and PayPal finally resolving the dispute in my favour. If only I could do it on their website but they wouldn't want the truth getting out. This is an atrocious company who don't know the first thing about customer service and I'm so pleased Trading Standards will be looking into this company. I urge everyone who has had a bad experience to speak out. They cannot silence everyone.

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