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Daniel's complaint against Fone Angels

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The worst I have come across to, ever. appaling service, cons, uncommunicative, unprofessionals

Complaint against Fone Angels

Disastrous, uncommunicative, unprofessional. They have caused me distress and much agro. 4 times the promised time. 2months they had my phone!! I do not write reviews but I feel it is my duty to warn people whom wish to venture in their trap. Do not trust the reviews on their website, they can easily be manipulated. I sent my phone for screen repair which few days later I was asked to pay an extra sum for some necessary repairs which, I obliged. I was promised 15 day return so had to purchase a £20 temp phone for these 15 days but, how wrong I was. 15 days passed and no news no update. After many, many emails I received a response that I will have my phone very soon, this is 30 after their promise. No phone so I tried again, many time, no response for 2 weeks. Again a shallow promise which did not materialise. Had to go and spend a large sum to purchase a temp smartphone. Tried many times after, no communication no response, extremely frustrated and worried, had to postpone plans until I had my phone back. 2 months later and having absolute disregard to my emails, phone calls, contact requests, … I received my phone to see a botch job done with glue sticking out and some of my phones hardware none functional! They do not answer any of my emails or calls any more. They have caused me so, much agro that I cannot begin to describe how I am feeling right now. How I wish I had read the reviews on trustpilot before choosing them. I had Search web and Twitter for #foneangels. Search trustpilot

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