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Michelle's complaint against Hoover

Michelle Thomas


HOOVER, Heat Pump Tumble Dryer - oh so DISAPPOINTED...

Complaint against Hoover

HOOVER, Heat Pump Tumble Dryer - oh so DISAPPOINTED… On 11th December 2019 I called Customer Service to ask for advise. I explained I purchased a heat Pump Tumble Dryer in September 2018 (15 months ago). I have used this machine INfrequently over the last year but noticed recently that water was no longer collecting in the container on the inside of the door. The Advisor explained that this could be a sensor fault and an engineer would need to be called out at my cost of £129. As you can imagine I am not only disappointed that this machine has a possible fault so soon after purchase but also that I should be asked to pay for the repair. I have since had an email confirming this information. I am extremely unhappy about the quality of this product - it was an expensive item and it is not fit for use after such a short amount of time. Customer service is only interested in fixing me into a care plan or engineer visit with no regard to my individual circumstance. Lesson: DO NOT BUY a HOOVER heat pump tumble dryer !!!

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