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Christina's complaint against BHS

Christina Allan


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Complaint against BHS

My mother was given a £100 gift voucher for her 80th birthday. She spent £60 and when she heard BHS was closing down, she thought she had better go and spend the rest of her voucher (£40). She went to BHS to buy some cushions and was told when she got to the till that, to spend the remaining £40 on the voucher, she would have to spend ANOTHER £40. She then asked if she could spend £20 from the voucher and forget about the other £20 remaining, but was told if she spent £20 from the voucher, she would have to spend yet ANOTHER £20 regardless!!! This is ridiculous to say the least. BHS have already had the money from the voucher and are expecting people to pay AGAIN if they want to use it! My mother wanted to use the voucher as it was a birthday present, but had to buy another £40 worth of goods to do so. Not a very good advert for the business - even if they are closing down! I feel quite disgusted!

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