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[User Deleted]'s complaint against Groupon

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"Luxury Beauty Mystery Gift" was a box of rubbish.

Complaint against Groupon

I ordered the "Luxury Beauty Mystery Gift" for £18, plus £1.99 postage, but what I ultimately received was a box of rubbish (to put it politely). The deal boasts a list of impressive products, three of which you will receive plus the chance to win an additional expensive item. While I was not expecting to receive the extra prize or three fantastic items, I thought I would receive at least one decent product and get my moneys worth. However what I did receive was essentially the left over junk that shops can't sell so Groupon decide to con customers into buying it under the false pretence of receiving a good deal. What I did receive was "China Glaze Crackle Glaze Nail Varnish", which you can buy in Poundland's bargain bins, in shades that even a ten year old girl would turn their nose up at and in a crackle effect. I then received some sort of mascara/extending treatment? I tried to google the product to find out what it is as all I received was a small plastic tube with some print that is wearing off, however I can't seem to find any detailed information on the exact product or even instructions (which isn't a good sign). Finally I received Olay CC cream in "darkest skin tone" which is something I would try if I had a darker African or South Asian skin tone, not a fair Irish one. Ultimately what I have is a box of junk that I have no use for and will have to throw in the bin. I might as well have just thrown out a £20 note rather than waste my time and effort on this scam.

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I have tried the refund option several times but it won't work, I have tried contacting the company but no response. This is a big scam and I know that I won't get my money back so I give up.
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