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Drena's complaint against Groupon

Drena Janoobi


Inveraray Inn, Scotland - 3 Nights for Two with Breakfast and 3 course Dinner Every Night

Complaint against Groupon

I went through over 34 hours of experiencing constant pain, vomiting, diarrhoea etc. and for, the first time in my life, had to confine myself to staying in a room for two days without food or hot drink as I was unable to leave the room due to my symptoms. No intake of dinner or breakfast from the Sunday evening until Wednesday. We checked out of the Inveraray Inn on Tuesday, 9.01.2018. Groupon UK is responsible for putting my health and well-being at risk, completely, ruining two senior UK citizens’ New Year break, by quite simply, taking our money in advance, and later failing to deliver as per contract. Groupon UK is guilty of misrepresenting to us, yet again, and selling us a hospitality package without first carrying out the safety checks, necessary in making sure that the merchant in question would have the means and the intention to adhere to lawful practices of providing the guests with quality food prepared by qualified staffs in its kitchen, whilst maintaining reasonable health & Safety regimes in the kitchen and all other areas in the hotel. The above are all basic requirements of UK Laws in running a hospitality business. My life was put in serious danger because of breaches of these laws. Groupon UK, despite receiving my email about my experience, regardless, is continuing to market and sell the same Getaway packages, offered by the Inveraray Inn. Whereas I expected the immediate suspension of all selling activities, followed by carrying out an unbiased investigation into the incident of my health-damaging food poisoning - occurred after eating contaminated, Microwave-cooked Mussels in this place on Sunday 07.01.2018. In my email sent to Groupon UK, regarding my horrible experience whilst staying at the Inveraray Inn, I clearly described to the support team the extent of my injuries which resulted in suffering from days of diarrhoea, vomiting, stomach pain, fever and its detrimental impact on our New Year Holiday and the subsequent inability to function as before would give a rise to a modest compensation claim of between (£900 to £3500).

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