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Eileen's complaint against Groupon

Eileen Murphy


Premium Mystery Bags for Him and Her

Complaint against Groupon

I bought 4 Him Bags and 1 Her Bag. Two small boxes arrived with no indication of which they were but inside both boxes were 1 selfie stick, cheeseboard, glow-in-the-dark pebbles and several ear plug sets. I complained to Groupon via telephone and was treated with indifference so I took to Twitter. Groupon then asked me to contact the, by DM with details, I did this and they emailed me to ask for details and then sent me labels to "return all the goods separately in lots of 5 as I had bought 5 bags. There was no explanation as to why as what I received would probably fit into half a bag. I have no confidence that they would actually return the £80+ that I spent. Every time I take to Twitter they respond by suggesting I speak privately to them but then do nothing. I responded by saying I would just put a photo up each day of the "Poundland" items I actually paid over £80 for.

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Ryan Doolin | | VERIFIED

Reported as Spam

Eileen Murphy | | VERIFIED

wouldnt it be great to put a photo up on twitter each day of one of the items with hashtag #GrouponRubbish

Ryan Doolin | | VERIFIED

Yes it would.. I will have to make a twitter and do this.. Good idea
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