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Donatas's complaint against Sony

Donatas stanulis


I Bought xperia z4 tablet from sony store, the tablet broke 2 times in 3 months

Complaint against Sony

First time tablet broke, it was left on the rain and got water in it,but the tablet waterpruff, i send for repair thai have replaced with new, after 2 weeks it broke again, the tablet stuck wasant able to turn it off scren was on but dont respond so i send it again for repair, thy have fixed and now after a week of last repair i experenced some other problems, when i use the tablet on a charger the batery still runs out, on cherger u must able to do anyting and the batery should recherge, i not happy with tis tablet and i paid £500, i have this tablet 3 month and 1 month was for repair all redy, what can i do? Thenks

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