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Pardeep's complaint against Hotpoint

Pardeep Raval


£99 replacement tumble dryer faulty

Complaint against Hotpoint

Iv always stayed with hotpoint as a loyal customer. I had my previous dryer for 9 years. Then there was the recall. I was told to wait a year for modifications or but a replacement for £99. I went a head with the replacement due to using the machine for me disabled child. F04 code came up on my new dryer. I was under 12 months warranty. I was told that if there was a mechanism fault I would be covered for repair but if there was some fluff or button that can fall off and block pipes, I would be charged between £55 to £199. I was disappointed and really angry. As I wouldn't deliberately damage my machine. I just think it's a money making scheme. Really disappointed with hotpoint. Will definitely be buying alternative brands in future.

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Vicky Talbot | | VERIFIED

OMG I am so glad I have found some one else with this same problem , I got my replacement in January 16 and 2 weeks later it died F04 on screen ,I had to wait till August for a repair to be done what a laugh 😂 and now I have F04 andF06 on screen I've had the repair man out today and they can't get the parts there not in stock and have been out of stock for a while iam now waiting on D/G to phone
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