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Ron's complaint against Hotpoint

Ron Clint


Dishwasher repair service

Complaint against Hotpoint

I signed up for their full repair service when our dishwasher began to start up all on its own without any instruction from us - scary! The promised to fix it or replace it and its costing me £25 a month for 12 months. Fool me once - shame, fool me twice and you are wicked! This started 5 weeks ago and we are still washing up by hand - poor us! but the point is that they are not delivering on their promise which we are paying for! How can it take so long to get replacement parts!!! Anything else and I would expect delivery within 24 hours. They are rubbish. Don't buy their products unless you expect them to last forever. If they fail then buy Bosch or some other brand but not Hotpoint. DO NOT BUY THEIR REPAIR SERVICE - IT IS A RIPOFF!!! I cannot say it strongly enough - they have given zero customer service,

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