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Stacey's complaint against Hotpoint

Stacey Weiser


Dryer fault now critical

Complaint against Hotpoint

As you can see, I registered my model back in November 2015. The email I was sent says the estimated repair date was MARCH. Well, we are in March and I have not heard from them at all. In addition, I have tried calling them using various numbers, emailed them using various contact options and tweeted requesting someone contact me. When searching online I have noticed an enormous amount of people complaining about the same issue. They have not been contacted by Hotpoint and get no joy in trying to chase. See link to view some of the stories: Hotpoint (UK) Complaints Hotpoint (UK) Complaints Hotpoint (UK) The Hotpoint Electric Heating Company is a British brand of domestic appliances, formerly part of GEC. View on Preview by Yahoo Whilst the company say it is still ok to use the maching providing you keep it clean and not to leave it on if you are not near it. My dryer in particular has now got a new problem. During this last week when I use it it blows the fuse box in the house. I have to reset everything and start again. This is NOT sustainable. They do seem to be offering an alternative machine at a discounted price, but even that seems to be frought with problems, as seen in some of the complaints. See link: Even their website is unable to cope as the 'live chat' option is never available and regardless of who you speak to you get nowhere. I have a 6yr old child and am a single parent. I rely on my dryer to handle mountains of laundry each week. Now I am unable to use it and refuse to spend hundreds getting a new one and have no faith in the cheap replacement option Hotpoint tout. The Twitter feed is no different: In addition, if you try and email them using their website forms, it is caveated with: Unhappy with our service? We are currently experiencing high email volume. We appreciate your patience whilst we deal with queries as efficiently as possible. So, what can I do? What can the many people out there suffering do?!

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