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Sophie's complaint against Hotpoint

Sophie Lane


Dryer recall

Complaint against Hotpoint

We bought a new Hotpoint dryer last year and then found out that it was one of the ones being recalled. We contacted Hotpoint as instructed and were told that we had to pay £99 for a replacement. We were not in a financial position to pay that as we had a young child and I was on maternity leave. We also felt that we shouldn't have to pay it as the fault is entirely theirs. We have contacted them several times throughout the year and each time we're told that we have to pay the £99. Having done some research, it appears that not everyone has to pay for a replacement so we contacted them again this week for them to tell us that there is nothing they can do as we didn't register the dryer!! We did and it seems as though this is just another ploy to get out of their obligations to their customers. Under consumer law, the item is not fit for purpose and should be replaced at their cost. We are now expecting our second child and facing another winter of being unable to dry our clothes or having to air dry them in the property which could potentially lead to health problems for all of us. Hotpoint should take responsibility and replace our dryer free of charge as they have loads of other people.

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