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Carrie's complaint against Hotpoint

Carrie Boardman


Fobbed off and lied too

Complaint against Hotpoint

Purchased my dryer in August and after seeing warnings on the TV I checked mine and was told I would have an engineer in December then checked the next day and was told January then February then March then April. At the end of February I contacted hotpoint after waiting over an hour in a queue I was told I could have a new dryer with it being less than a year old and was given a different number to ring after waiting another 90 minutes in a queue I was told I had the wrong number and was transfered. I was given around 10 different number to ring including high cost numbers and was transfered numerous times. I was told I would have a mangers call me back twice which never happened. Over 2 days I spent around 14 hours on the phone. I gave up and wrote a complaint via Facebook to the company someone contacted me the next day and offered me a new dryer a cheaper one than the one I had I wasn't happy but by this time I was fed up I've got a new born baby and just need a dryer especially as the weather isnt very good. I was told someone would be in contact within 3 weeks to arrange for my new dryer it's been over 2 months and I've heard nothing. Out of curiosity I've just checked my engineer date and it says December 2015? I just want my money back so I can go to another company.

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