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Valerie's complaint against Hotpoint

Valerie Wells


Hotpoint (faulty) tumble drier

Complaint against Hotpoint

A reply to my email to Electrical Safety First (Hotpoint website) From: Enquiries Electrical Safety First [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: 03 November 2016 11:54 Thanks for your email. We know this is a contentious issue, but we can’t really comment on this issue because we only offer advice on electrical safety, other than to say if you have one of the products listed on the recall notice, we recommend you do not use it until an engineer has checked it, fixed/replaced it and signed it off. The other parts of your email may be better directed to Citizens Advice I hope this helps somewhat. Best, Christina Sent: 27 October 2016 19:45 To: Enquiries Electrical Safety First Subject: Hotpoint TCM 580P Tumble Drier Hi, I only just realised my tumble drier is one that is considered at risk. It is located in a detached garage. I have not had any problems since I purchased in 2011. I keep the filters clean of fluff and regularly put the filter device under a hose to ensure it is always clean. I spoke to Hotpoint yesterday. The person I spoke to confirmed my appliance was considered at risk. She did not offer to send an engineer to modify it. She was not computer literate. She had problems trying to ‘register me’ and after several attempts to do so, which meant I had to repeat my name, address, etc., Hotpoint appliance model number, serial number and when I purchased it, she eventually managed to ‘register’ me saying she wasn’t born to use computers, computers came into her life – not the other way round. I put her on loud speaker – my husband was amazed at the incompetent way my call was being handled. Whilst talking to her, she mentioned the replacement drier and the model number which she told me to look up via Google. I did, as I was talking to her. I noticed several reviews, comments etc., which I clicked on. One review mentioned Hotpoint should be asked why they are charging £99 for a replacement device, when it was their devices which were faulty in the first place and it implied surely they should offer a replacement. I asked – and was told – because I didn’t buy my device a year ago, they would not replace it free of charge. I logged into Google to check out my device and found it was still being sold weeks ago, so either the device has already been modified otherwise they would not be selling the same devices almost a year after discovering they were potentially hazardous. If this is the case and the current ones being sold are ‘safe’ I feel they should be offering me a like for like, and not a different model, after all, the original device was my choice. What I do not understand it, I have received letters from Hotpoint warning safety notice, clearly addressed to me, with a reference number. Because my tumble drier as green circle on the front – with a hand gesture – I assumed this was the ok green spot and nothing to worry about. When I queried this with Hotpoint on the phone I was told that is not the green safety spot – that is just a green circle sticker advising the door is hand-pressed to operate. I did not realise this, this was the reason I assumed my device was safe because I had a green circle sticker on the front. I feel Hotpoint should make that quite clear to other people like me who might assume that was the green safety spot. When the person asked and pressurised if I wanted to go ahead with paying £99 for replacement device, I questioned her as to why I was being charged £99, and as mentioned above she replied because my device was over a year old. Then she suddenly said ring Hotpoint back in 2 weeks and rang off. I am a pensioner – I assumed my device would last a long time – it is not as though I am using it constantly – and I clean it often.

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