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Dawn's complaint against Hotpoint

Dawn coe


[RESOLVED] - Hotpoint have still not been I touch about my dryer

Complaint against Hotpoint

I was told in November 2015 that my vented dryer was one of those affected with safety issue. I'm still waiting with a potential fire hazard in my home. Apparently the fact that I have registered for modification will probably make my home insurance invalid.

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Hotpoint resolved this complaint

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Steve Hicks | | VERIFIED

Hi Dawn. I'm in the same boat as you. However, I did contact my insurer and they confirmed that my Home Insurance would be valid so long as the machine was attended. I asked them to qualify the term "Attended" and they said I just had to be in the house and not necessarily in the same room as the drier. Check with your insurer. I know you most probably want a repair or replacement as we all do, but in the meantime see what your insurer says.

Dawn coe | | VERIFIED

Look up the email for the managing director of whirlpool. Email him direct, I did this and next day had a call offering me a free like for like machine even though mine was out of guarantee. Argue that it was sold to you as not fit for purpose so the 12 months guarantee is negligible. Hope it helps get you a result Dawn

Dawn coe | | VERIFIED

I emailed the top man got a phone call next day. Free like for like replacement on the way
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