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Sanj's complaint against Hotpoint

Sanj Sach


Hotpoint Quadrio Fridge Freezer blows up again!

Complaint against Hotpoint

This is the 2nd time there has been a loud bang and blue flash when opening the door of this unit. The last time was last year, when the door and power module were replaced and the 2nd time today. After 32 mins on the phone with Hotpoint and after speaking with 4 employees in at least 3 departments (one of which was Chargeable Repair Team!!), I was promised an immediate call back from Customer Service. 3 hours later - nothing, and therefore another call. Apparently, despite this being a recall item ( an engineer has to be sent out to write a report; a point not raised on my initial call - but apparently it's procedure'! It made no difference that it was exactly the same (dangerous) fault; that I could even help them with the part numbers from the previous repair(!); OR of course that this item had been flagged for recall and that we had not been contacted about this despite the previous repair. Procedure had to be followed. On the eventual filing of the report which will be 5 days from now at a minimum because of appointment date, a weekend etc, the technical department will look at it and decide what to do. The fridge freezer is of course full of food, but there is no immediate resolution here either! I am sure I am failing to understand some nuance of product manufacturing / after sales service / consumer safety here, but I don't think that I should be happy with the prospect of another dubious repair on this item when Hotpoint have clearly stated that this is a recall item, regardless of warranty status. Any takers?

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