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michelle's complaint against Hotpoint

michelle ibbetson


I have an Indiset dryer involved in the recall and have been asked to pay for a new one.

Complaint against Hotpoint

I got a notice to say my dryer was involved in a Safety recall, I have heard stories that some of these appliances have set on fire so have been very careful when I have had to use it. I have waited for months for a fix and have now received a letter this morning that I can pay £99 for a new one to be delivered to my home and the old appliance removed or £49 if I take my dryer to a store and do an exchange. I really do not see why I am having to pay to replace a faulty product which I bought in good faith. The dryer is not fit for purpose and under the Sale of Goods Act I think this should be replaced free of charge. I am scared to use the dryer in case it does set on fire, a fix has been too long in coming and that does not fill me with confidence either. Hotpoint are at fault here not me so why should I be paying to replace a product that is faulty? I have only received the letter today and now do not know how to approach Hotpoint in telling them I am not happy.

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