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Martin's complaint against Hotpoint

Martin Howroyd


If you can't fix the machine it needs replacing!

Complaint against Hotpoint

I bought a Hotpoint washing machine from Currys and took out Currys "Whatever happens" policy which covers machine fault and repair. Over the last few months we have had several problems with the machine leaking, the mother board needing replacing and the door sticking? On one occasion the washer had leaked causing damage to my kitchen floor and wall, we had to wait over 4 days for an engineer to be sent out to the fault (in the meantime a full load of clots which were stuck in the washer were ruined) I contacted Currys to inform them they had broken the contract of there policy as it states an engineer will visit the fault within a maximum of 2 days (We waited over double this period) they claimed this was due to circumstances out of there control and this was down to Hotpoint as they insist on using there own engineers? I explained that my contract (which has cost me over £600 since taking out the policy) was with them and not Hotpoint? They say this isn't there problem and I need to contact Hotpoint? Once the engineer eventually came out to the fault and after a fair bit of moaning that "he shouldn't be doing this" he repaired the pipe which was causing the leak but them less than 2 weeks later the machine leaked again (In my opinion this was down to the engineer being in such a rush and ramming the machine back causing the pipe to come loose again?) This morning the machine has developed another fault where all the lights are flashing on the machine, it has leaked all over my kitchen again and the basin is also full of water with no where for it go? It appears to me that neither Hotpoint or there engineers can carry out the repairs to a satisfactory standard so in my opinion they should repair the machine with a new one ASAP! Curry's should also compensate me for the damaged caused for them breaching there contract with me?

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