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Karla's complaint against Hotpoint

Karla Dimmock


New machine - FAULTY!!!

Complaint against Hotpoint

The issue that I have experienced was: I had a tumble dryer that was affected by the safety recall via hotpoint. I registered my details early November 2015 and was told they would advise when an engineer could visit. By April I had still not received an engineer visit to fix the unsafe machine I had. Hotpoint were offering affected customers the chance to upgrade to a brand new better tumble dryer for a one off fee of £99. I decided to take them up on this offer as I didnt want to wait another 5+ months for my faulty machine to be fixed. I took delivery of my new tumble dryer on Tuesday 3rd May, I used the machine twice and then went to use it on Wednesday 11th May and the machine wouldn't work. I called the customer service number and it took all morning to actually get through to someone. He advised that an engineer would need to visit to confirm there was a fault before anything could be done. After pleading with him he managed to get me an engineer visit for today Friday 13th May. The engineer came and advised the machine was faulty and that I would get a brand new replacement due to the fact that this one was only 1 week old. He tried to call hotpoint to advise them of this and couldn't get through. He advised for me to call around lunchtime. At 1pm I called hotpoint and after 40 minutes on hold I finally got through to someone. They then had to call the engineer to confirm the fault and popped me on hold. He came back and advised the engineer had confirmed the fault and that they had updated my repair and that someone from the exchange programme would contact me within 3-5 days. At which point I said no I cant wait another week for someone to call me, I have 2 small children and cannot be without a tumble dryer. He said theres nothing I can do, I asked to speak to a manager and was advised noones available to which I replied well I'll hold for the next 3 hours if I have to. He then said he could arrange a call back within 24 hours to which I said not good enough, its already Friday afternoon meaning I won't get a call back till Monday and I'm away then so no thanks I'd rather hold till someones available. He then put me back on hold and came back and said he'd spoken to his manager and they could call me back by the end of the day today. I said oh so your managers available for you to speak to but not available to speak to me!! I advised that I needed a call back today by 4pm otherwise I wont be available. I'm not holding my breath at getting a call back!

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