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Chris's complaint against Hotpoint

Chris Gilmore


Recall due to fire risk

Complaint against Hotpoint

I bought a new dryer from hotpoint only to find out 1 week later it was on a safety recall...yet i was allowed to buy it. I contacted several hotpoint advisors who passed me round like a parcel at a kids party. Eventually i get told my repair will be in feb 2017.... what a joke. I requested a new one to replace it, to which they refused.. i was told to carry on using it to my amazement, i am an engineer by trade and have a deep understanding of the problem they have dont let them kid you that this is a minor issue. I have two kids in the house both under the age of two, hotpoint dont seem to care they are chancing it that if they let people continue using these dryers they are likely to have less fail then continue working to a slight modification can be made to the vacuum filtration system (another filter before the heating element).... absolute joke hang your heads in shame hotpoint, hopefully your negligence wont cause anymore fires in peoples homes...all i want is a replacement as i have been sold faulty goods but can not get any sense out of anyone i talk to.

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