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Margaret's complaint against Hotpoint

Margaret Davison


[RESOLVED] - The faulty tumble drier replacement that's no good

Complaint against Hotpoint

I have one of the tumble driers identified as faulty I would like a replacement but the only ones they offer are white and all my appliances are graphite grey, so I don't want a white one as it won't match. I have spoken to someone on the phone but I couldn't get any sense out of them when I explained my predicament, so I put my concerns in writing that has just been ignored. What can I do now? i'm stuck with a drier that could ignite, I can;t go out and leave it on for obvious reasons. I just want it replaced like for like

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Hotpoint resolved this complaint

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Laura | | VERIFIED

Hello, I feel for you I am in the same boat, I rang td team who said I had to call pre-sales as the could offer a different colour, was told I was being fobbed of and they couldn't help so to call them back I did this and was given another number turned out to be repairs they couldn't help either so I called back again explains I needed grey/silver to match the rest got nowhere. I requested to speak to a manager told no, asked for managers number, they don't have a number for anyone above them

Margaret Davison | | VERIFIED

Hi Laura Hotpoint have been in touch with me regarding my letter to them, I have now been offered a full refund but I have to send them my original receipt which I still have fortunately. They rang me last week about it I have sent a copy of my receipt but i'm still waiting for the refund and collection of the dryer. So if I was you i'd put your complaint in writing. Hope this helps Margaret

Margaret Davison | | VERIFIED

Hotpoint got in touch after I put my complaint in writing
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