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Shaheena's complaint against Hotpoint

Shaheena Salahuddin


Three weeks without a fridge freezer! and no way to contact company about it.

Complaint against Hotpoint

My fridge freezer broke down on the 15/12/2015. I've only had it for four years but didn't have an extended warranty so I called Hotpoint and took out a £15 a month policy which would cover our engineer visit and a further 12 months. The engineer couldn't get to me any earlier than the 21st, this was their first available appointment so I grabbed it with both hands. The next day I called to report an unusual chemical smell coming from my fridge. I told them I had two small children and that I was worried for their safety but Hotpoint reassured me that the chemical smell was non-toxic but still told me to get rid of nearly £100 worth of food! After I spoke to them, I realised that I had a tribunal to attend on the 21st and promptly tried ringing them back to re-arrange. I then spent the next three days trying to get through, the lines were permanently engaged, I was literally trying them every hour to see if I could get through. I tried to contact them on twitter, they asked for my details and NEVER got back to me. I logged two complaints on their website and still heard nothing back. Eventually, I got through to them on the 19th December because I selected the option to speak to someone in their tumble dryer department instead of customer service. I got through to an advisor who gave me a direct number and I finally got to speak to someone. There was no apologies for wasting my time, and all they could offer me was another engineer appointment ten days later!! The advisor more or less blamed the delay on me, even though I told her that I tried ringing back the day after I arranged the first appointment. It wasn't my fault I couldn't get through!! Anyway, I had a call before Christmas Eve acknowledging my complaint, an apology but no resolution/compensation. A manager was supposed to call me back but nothing, still! The engineer came today, two weeks after I first called them, he fiddled around with the motherboard, even though I told him that I'd spoken to an independent engineer that said it was most likely the compressor (these are the most expensive parts apparently) and eventually after an hour said it was the compressor! He then went on to say that it would be at least another week before the part came through so I would be without a fridge at least until then! I rang Hotpoint again, couldn't get through. Tried every five minutes for two hours before I did, I refused to speak to the advisor asking for a manager instead. She said no managers were available but she'd get one to call me back within the hour, that was two hours ago!! I refuse to have anything less than a full refund from hotpoint now. Their service has been diabolical and they are an absolute joke. I am a mother of two small children and I have a disability which includes IBS. I have to keep stress levels low and a strict diet in order to avoid my condition flaring up, and these last two weeks have wreaked havoc on my health. We've had to eat a lot of takeaway, spent a lot of money on phone calls and I've had to buy a mini fridge to make sure that our basics don't go off, milk, eggs etc. Including the £100 of food I had to throw away, I've spent between £300 these past two weeks and I've had enough. Never buying Hotpoint again!

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Shaheena Salahuddin | | VERIFIED

I called them back after three hours of waiting for a manager to ring me and she basically said there was nothing they could do. NOTHING! I have no choice but to wait yet another week to see if they can fix it. I am literally in tears.
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