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Sapphira's complaint against Wowcher

Sapphira Shereen



Complaint against Wowcher

The most untrustworthy website ever!! Purchased an IdentAllergy voucher, received the kit and sent my swabs and hair follicles to them as instructed. Your given a code that allows you to log in to their website to view your report, and website looks fine until you log in and then you get a charming message saying ‘website currently unavailable’. I thought it was because my results weren’t ready as they state 4-6 weeks, but literally five months later it still says the same darn thing. IdentAllergy also known as Viaguard has ignored every single email requesting an update and then of course every complaint I’ve made since. After two months of having no response I happened to google the company name and there are hundreds of poor people like myself that have been scammed and pretty much robbed who have tried to warn other people - so obviously Wowchers ‘vetting’ process does not exist. I left my feedback with Wowcher (who email you following your purchase) and told them they had sold me a scam as I have never recieved what I’d paid for. No response and no easy way to find a contact number on their website so I gave up. Until yesterday morning when I happened to browse on Wowcher and saw that 18 people had already bought the SAME TERRIBLE DNA STEALING SCAM VOUCHER that Wowcher had sold me!!! I contacted them again by Facebook this time, got an immediate response which said they can’t do anything as time has passed. When I told them that they can see my voucher hasn’t Even passed the expiry date so how can they say it’s too old and there still selling it so they must look into it to make sure it doesn’t happen to other people, and they still NEVER REPLIED!!

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