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Nicola's complaint against Wowcher

Nicola Gardyne


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Complaint against Wowcher

Purchased a bed on 1/10/18, contacted merchant 3 days after due delivery to be told don't deliver to your address, contact wowcher to advise that I would like my money back. 1st agent advised they would contact merchant, but never bothered 2nd agent sent email with a 72 hour deadline to merchant for a reason called to advise now 5 days since email sent and no refund made 3rd agent, sends yet another email advising to wait 72 more hours advised that not acceptable, want resolved today, can you not call merchant, gave me the number to call, advised that I don't need to call as I know, 3rd agent then ends the online chat so 22 days on, no bed arriving and a refusal to issue refund before merchant has advised, but can't take 2 mins to pick up a phone and call them. Beyond a joke

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