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Mark's complaint against Wowcher

Mark Burrell


Wowcher deal - 2-4-1 ZSL Zoo entey and 3 course meal at Zizzi for 2

Complaint against Wowcher

Purchased a three course meal and entry for ZSL zoo for 2 people and went went to both today. Would of had a nice time at the zoo but at least 5 attractions were closed "Due to a fire on the 23rd" but when I called the zoo prior to turning up and was told all exhibits would be open. The worst part of the day was our meal at Zizzi - ridiculous! Originally booked for 5:30 but I changed dinner to 3:30 which the restaurant was fine with when I called. We were met with problems the minute we stepped foot in, arrived at 3:30 and told the waiter I had reserved. Put "no pork dishes" in the dietry/allegens and what were we given - a menu with only a few non-pork options to choose from. The problems continued when we had the menus taken away from us to say there's a problem with the buyagift code and after over an hour of me talking to the manager and other staff as everyone was so incompetent there - I was told its my responsibility and I have to call (when buyagifts' phoneline is closed today?).I refused and told the manager its not my responsibility if i had already booked it and received confirmation, he made me wait up by the till and computer when he was trying to sort it out and by sort the issue out I mean he kept refreshing the page and asking me to open all my emails. He then asked me to log in to my buyagift account (don't have one as I bought from woucher but the issue itself was because I didn't receive an "10 digit code from buyagift" - I don't need this code as the confirmation email states the customer needs to reserve a table/time at the chosen resturant (which I did) and I got to the resturamt on time 3:30pm yet I didn't sit down until 4:15pm (my plus one was sitting at the table the whole time - we were refused to order until the "problem" was sorted. In the end the manager told me to sit down (after an hour and 15 minutes) and when we tried to order we were refused to be served by the same original waiter as "he didn't hear the manager say that" and took another 10 minutes to find out. Complete joke today, bland food and my plus one left their main as it was so dry - I changed mine as it tasted of nothing and the waitress even said she was happy to swap both plates as she wasn't impressed with how it looked. By the time this happened we just left our deserts and had to pay the surcharge regardless of how disappointing our visit was. Waitress looked embarrassed over our experience but she was lovely to us - only part of the day that was alright. Not happy with my experience at the restaurant and I think today was totally unacceptable - for a manager to try and turn me away after I paid and booked the table and came on time - and in the end I had to email my booking confirmation over ( I told the guy i could do this at the start but he said no, an hour and 15 minutes later he suggested exactly what I did over an hour before. I don't think its acceptable for a customer to wait over an hour for food when they've been out all day and made an reservation - paid for the meal at 17:58 (have the receipt) and after coming in at 3:30, being served starters at 16:50 when 80% of the restaurant was empty. I bought the whole experience from wowcher and I have used woucher in the past - as a customer of wowcher this isn't what you expect nor pay for. Thanks to whatever miscommunication went on with the "buyagift 10digit code buyagift or woucher should have sent you". This was all happening when we wanted to have dinner and had already been to the zoo which was dissapointing, I was being told at the restaurant (at first until the manager said he'll sort it - an hour and a quarter later) and as it was a sunday I couldn't call the customer service for either you nor buyagift which left me in a restaurant I booked and paid for but was being refused due to me not having a 10 digit code when this isn't specified on the voucher I was given. This was a very stressful experience and at the end of sorting it all out I really couldn't enjoy my meal and neither was my plus one, and being someone who suffers from IBS the stress of today is defiantly having an effect.

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