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Sian powell


£4000 sofa is rubbish 75% faulty

Complaint against

It is with great upset I a writing this to try and come to a resolution one week after delivery. 3 out of four of my settee pieces have significant faults. It's disgusting quality for £4000. The hinge of the recliner fell apart on the first recline. There are glue marks, leather cut to short, padding missing on the back of on seat so it clicks when you sit back in it. Scratches it's a joke and NOW you want me too pay to return the one item that does not have significant damage. 75% of my product is faulty. No where in my TandC's does it say to expect 75% damaged. I am not willing nor do I see why I should pay to return this one item. I will fight tooth and nail. I will stand outside your store and warn people. It will not be slander. I have contacted X-ray tv programme also and they are willing to fight my cause. All I am asking is that you are reasonable. I am not rich I cannot afford this money to throw away. I was excited to find such a lovely suite. Now I am in despair. Why can't you help. If you are picking up 2 x2 seater and an armchair what is the issue with the remaining chair.

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