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Daniel's complaint against Asus

Daniel Boisteanu


Asus does not want to fix my laptop

Complaint against Asus

I had the laptop in service 3 times until now on a period of 2 months, and instead to improve his condition it got worse: -I tested the laptop and watched 1h and 30 min while renders After 5 min of 100% processor - Temperature is 91-92 After 20-30 min of 100% processor - Temperature is 94 After 1h and 30 min of 100% processor -Temperature is 98 I stopped there because I do not want to reach at 100 degrees Celsius because I know that if I burn something I lose the warranty. Therefore I think it is a problem because I can not use it in normal parameters being afraid to not lose my laptop or even more, not to burn the house if I leave overnight to render. - Keyboard lights can not be changed or close - after each service the visible screws were blunted (I am afraid after the warranty will end in case I want to fix it will be very difficult to open it) - After each service appear scratches on housing - After the last service I received the laptop with touchpad raised - Each USB get continuously reset (I can not use properly an external hard drive or the flash drive) After I wrote these things I received a last message from them: Dear Mr. Boisteanu, My name is Mark and I will try my best to assist you with your issue. The official response from the escalation is that the procesor that your device has, (i7-4710HQ) has a maximum temperature of 100*C of what is allowed, temperature over 90*C is not a problem. Unfortunateley we cannot provide a repair for this, as nothing is wrong. If you find 90*C too high, we can only advise of returning the notebook back to the reseller as not fit for purpose. Case No : P1605000354 Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get back in touch with us. Please feel free to rate our service according to the solution provided in the questionnaire that will be sent to you shortly after our reply to your inquiry. Best Regards, Mark ASUS Technical Support

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