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Don's complaint against Asus

Don Gibson


Asus Rip-off

Complaint against Asus

Bought an Asus all in one PC Computer under a year ago so it's still under warranty. It developed a horizontal line straight across the screen. Contacted Asus and after emails to and fro, Asus asked me to send in pc fro them to inspect and repair/replace if pc was faulty. Got to the stage of filling in the return details and sending receipt, then Asus came back and said, because I bought it online through Ebay, they will not accept. However, if I'd walked into he shop and bought it, then it'd be ok. My point is that most retailers sell online and through Ebay/Amazon. The shop in question is a proper retailer therefore all I can see is that this is just another way of basically ripping people off.

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Don Gibson | | VERIFIED

By not responding, this says it all, COWARDS!!! asus, never again.
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