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Evelina's complaint against Carphone Warehouse

Evelina Frickleton


Misleading information provided prior to purchasing a new contract

Complaint against Carphone Warehouse

When my contract was due to be renewed with other provider, i went to Car phone warehouse shop to see if I can get a better deal. One staff member recommended a deal where I was going to have unlimited calls to 50 destinations. I specifically asked if the contract will allow me to make calls to Romania- i was advised that this was included. As the contract specified unlimited roaming and not unlimited calls in EU, i raised this with the same sales assistant, who asked her Manager, who was standing next to her, to confirm this and he did confirmed that there were unlimited calls to and from uk. The sales assistant also i nformed me that the contract is generic and would not specify this, therefore she hand-written the part of unlimited calls to EU for my reassurance and help with the sale. Signed the contract in the 20th of February, 2018, as was tailored to my needs. Then I called Romania the afternoon after and I was charged £280 and I was left with a phone that i could not use as Vodaphone, the new provider, sent me a message that I overspent on my contract. During the call with Vodaphone, I was advised to go back to the shop and clarify the situation. The next day, taking time from work and driving nearly 20 miles return through heavy blizzard, I self presented to the shop. Luckily, the same assistant was on Duty and I thought this was going to be resolved. Sales assistant called Vodafone and specified the deal to them again, asking why was i charged. Vodafone explained to the staff member that is only roaming included, not free calls- after several hours, she turned around to her colleague and said"i thought roaming is free calls to and from" I was amazed about her and her Manager's lack of understanding and asked for my contract to be cancelles, as I was still within the 7 days period- she further informed me that this could not be facilitated as I kept my old number (the Pac was transferred from my old provider) I found myself stuck with a dead phone, a contract that I did not agree with as it is, and owing Vodafone £280 I asked the same sales person to resolve this- she advised to come back when her Manager is on duty. I had no choice but pay most of the balance to regain access to Vodafone, which i do not believe was just, however there was no other way of resolving this at the time. When I contacted Vodafone again, I proposed for me to pay a third of the amount owned, as I undeed, used the phone, Vodafone to pay a third, as they are choosing to be represented by car phone warehouse, and car phone warehouse to pay the other third and apologise. C Vodafone said that the only thing they can do is to put my complaint forward. Did not hear back from either.. What should I do, please?

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