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Louvanne's complaint against Carphone Warehouse

Louvanne Thomas


Phone service cut off on upgrade

Complaint against Carphone Warehouse

26/9/15 - I was contacted by Carphone Warehouse representative EE Service to upgrade my phone on Saturday Mid-day, which I duly did. On Sunday afternoon 27/9 and to date I still have no service. I checked with EE and they have now informed me that Carphone Warehouse has stopped my current service and have moved it onto the new phone, which I have not yet received. We agreed on the phone that the new phone would be delivered on Tuesday the 29/09 as I would not be at home to receive it on Monday 28/09. I asked to keep the same number and I was informed that this would take place around 24-48 hours after I received the phone. At no point was I informed that I would lose my service and neither is it acceptable to take away something before replacing it when I am paying for the service. In addition, the sending of a parcel does not mean receipt by the recipient, therefore there is a flaw in the process, which needs to be changed. My phone is used for business as well as personal so you can imagine my anger at this nonsense from a huge organisation. I must say that I have bought phones from Carphone warehouse in store on more than one occasion over the years so I have never experienced this issue. I look forward to your early response

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