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Sarah's complaint against Carphone Warehouse

Sarah Odonkor


Unsatisfactory service from carphone warehouse

Complaint against Carphone Warehouse

I had a mobile contract with T-mobile, and when the renewal was up I got deal from carphone warehouse, for a Sumsang Galaxy S5 for £25/month, The phone had a problem which took back and informed the assistant in the shop in Eltham were I initially got the contract. He took the phone and played about with it and said it was OK, but on using the phone over several weeks I realised there were features not working, ie the fingure recognition. I took it back to the shop on 14/12/2015 and they said it was a refurbished phone and as I did not return it within the 14 days of purchase. it cannot be replaced so they will send it to repairs and that it will take 14 days to be repaired. I am very unsatisfied as I was under the impression that the contract I took with carphone warehouse was for a new phone. Please what can I do?

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