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Mike's complaint against Pyretta's Lair

Mike Leneway


Pyretta's lair nightmare

Complaint against Pyretta\u0027s Lair

So I made the mistake of attempting to do business with this company without reading reviews. Please do yourself a favor if you're reading this and shop elsewhere. You will save yourself a lot of headach. I tried to buy a wallet and take advantage of their free worldwide shipping. (Lies) I figured since I do in fact live in the world that I qualified seeing how there was no fine print on the page I was ordering off of or anywhere theu the checkout process. International orders take 28 days to process. Paid with PayPal (thank God) I waited over 30 days and shot them an email because I hadn't heard anything from them other than my initial order confirmation and my PayPal confirmation saying they happily took my money. A couple of days later, I got a response saying they were still waiting for me to make my shopping decision. I thought this was weird since I had the free shipping, so I reminded them of this. Nope. This is where my shake down began. You see, I could either pay an additional 50-70 pounds to have my item shipped. But they informed me it was in stock and ready to go if I would just fork over the cash. You see, they claim to be a non profit and all of their proceeds go to animals. This may or may not be true. I have no way to confirm it. I just know that over the next six weeks of me trying to be patient and receive item or my money back, I was scolded for not reading their frequently asked questions page (where their shipping fine print is listed). I was thanked for my interest in donating to their cause (As of they were hoping I would forget about the whole thing so they could just keep my money). Each of the slowly returned emails had an extremely unprofessional tone. They tried to make it personal by accusing me of bringing their customer service reps to tears pointing out the flaws in their entire business practice (likely more lies, but after what they put me thru, I wish that were possible.). Order date: June 25 Multiple emails with unempowered customer service 8-4 thru 8-21 Attempting to get my money back from the company:8-21 thru 9-2 PayPal case open: September 2 Refund received September 3 Do yourself a favor and don't waste your time with these scam artists. Thank goodness for PayPal!!!

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