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Mrs Yvonne's complaint against Easylife

Mrs Yvonne Abbott


Appalling Company!

Complaint against Easylife

Ordered a car seat cover 17 days ago. Checked my account progress and it still hasn't been picked even though it's in stock! 3 days after the order was placed I got a cold call from them wanting me to buy something else. She didn't want to know about my current order but tried to force me to buy other things. She asked questions such as, "Where do you buy your clothes?" She ranted on about holidays and buying wine and whether I had a large family. I couldn't get off the phone..

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Valerie Bracey | | VERIFIED

I ordered something only a fortnight ago. I was told that delivery may be up to 14 days. Something to do with the warehouse. However That fourteen days is up and on checking, my order it is still showing as being allocated - awaiting picking. Goodness knows if or when I will receive my order. Have dealt with them before. A little slower than some but no real problem. Sent them email..

Valerie Bracey | | VERIFIED

Since my comment on here earlier today, and having emailed EasyLife, I checked my order status to discover the items ordered are now out of stock.!! I suppose I MAY get some notifications from the company. In the meanwhile I need to check my PayPal account....Oh dear, the time I have wasted on this. Never again!! I shall keep you informed of any problems.

Valerie Bracey | | VERIFIED

As promised..keeping you up to date. Tried to call Easylife this morning but there were 18 other callers ahead of me. Tried to cancel goods using online form but had to include a 'received by' date. Have sent a cancellation and refund request via another of their forms. Most firms will respond or acknowledge receipt of any contact but have had nothing from Easylife.

Valerie Bracey | | VERIFIED

Have been contacted by Easylife. They have confirmed that they have cancelled my order and refund on its way. Hopefully panic over

Valerie Bracey | | VERIFIED

Refunded in full !!! Thank you Easylife
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