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Gordon's complaint against Easylife

Gordon Adams


Easylife ignored my cancellation instruction

Complaint against Easylife

I was cold-called on Sept 18 by Easylife offering a £10 voucher for having a 14-day trial of their "Supercard". They said I could cancel within the 14 day period and there would be no charge. I accepted this at face value, but when I saw that the card was just a con to get my bank details I emailed them to cancel. My email was on day 6 of the trial, and they sent a response saying they would call me. They didn't, so I called them and the woman said she would make sure it was cancelled. Obviously she didn't, and a month later I was charged £69 - they must have got my credit card details from a purchase I'd made, months prior. Since then I have found countless reports on consumer websites saying the same trick had been pulled on them. Can't they be stopped.

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Margaret Hooley | | VERIFIED

my name is mrs margaret hooleyI typed the complaint above but it stopped me from finishing

Margaret Hooley | | VERIFIED

I tried to cancel a Book Club offer because my eyesight is not good and I can't read very well but they sent it anyway I phoned them but I got no joy then I tried to email and that couldn't be posted then I tried to cancel my order £54 but still no joy so all they said was it will be with you in 7 days what a big con

[email protected] | | VERIFIED

I PURCHASED a microwave chip pan which I received yesterday(13th Feb.) after carefully reading the instructions I proceeded to the first part of the procedure carefully which resulted on my microwave almost blowing up. I now have to purchase a new microwave which is something I certainly cannot afford. What will you be doing about this .June Hunter
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