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Marion's complaint against Easylife

Marion Thorne


Easylife won't stop sending catalogues to my late father.

Complaint against Easylife

My father died at the beginning of the year. He subscribed to several catalogues. I wrote a polite message on each as they were redirected to me and returned to sender. After a couple of months all but Easylife had stopped mailing stuff to him. I found an email address in the catalogue and emailed to let them know he had died. They replied in February: In response to your correspondence, I have removed the account from our mailing list. However, please be aware our catalogues are sent directly from a print house with schedules one month in advance, so you may receive one or two more mailings. The catalogues continued to arrive, I sent an email including part of his death certificate, just in case they hadn't got the message that he was dead. Still the catalogues keep arriving... I have sorted probate, disposed of his belongings, settled all of his business and sold the house BUT I still haven't managed to stop these damn catalogues. WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO? WHAT DOES HE HAVE TO DO? BEING DEAD OBVIOUSLY IS NOT ENOUGH!!!!

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