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Pauline's complaint against Easylife

Pauline Ralph


They took money from account without my permission

Complaint against Easylife

There call centre phoned me and asked me to look at there club savings book I refused at first a couple of times but was told there was some things I would like not one time did this person say if you don't return the information book back they would charge me as I am 70 yrs old I cannot afford to pay 84 pounds for nothing any way as I did not receive the pack before taking my money they did not ask if I had received the citizen advise as me to validate any thing I ordered or any money I had saved with them from the book they sent me I phoned them and was told they were going to send a form to me I was to sign it saying I never received the pack I felt like a criminal having to prove some thing I never asked for in the first place all I did was buy a couple of things from them which I paid for straight away I am going to get in touch with watch dog because I have heard about this that the government is clamping down on this sort of thing hopefully they won't be able to go into people's account and take money

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