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Barbara's complaint against Coral



Coral had 8/1 Barca/Arsenal promotion in window. Didn't pay out.

Complaint against Coral

Went into store with husband. Said we wanted to place 8/1 bet on Barca/Arsenal. Assistant explained we had to join Coral Connect to qualify for promotion. As match was that evening I said would be too late to set up once we got home. Asst said no problem she would set us up in store. She didn't stop talking. Said by joining we would get loads of offers from Coral. We also got a free(?) bet for our local team, and I placed another bet with her. As she didn't chatting, I asked 3 separate times if she had done the Barca/Arsenal and the other bet. She said don't worry and would give me the receipts. Eventually got a 'cash receipt' for £5 for the Barca match. Assumed didn't provide details as she has done online. i asked her anyway and she confirmed was for Barca. Barca won and we thought we had won £45. Even texted friends to tell them. Went on line. No sign of bet or cash deposit. Went to shop next day. Mgr said no receipt = no win. I insisted that we had been told bet had been placed. He called the asst who denied our claim. In the end Mgr. Offered £20 in free bets. I refused as matter of principle. Called Coral Customer Service. They didn't think I had a case, but would call back. They didn't. Chased them after about 3 weeks. They said all explained in T&C. Said assistant set it all up and only said had to join Coral Connect to get promotion. Coral then said we wouldn't have for cash payout anyway, as the promotion was to use winnings for free bets. Now maybe the while thing was a genuine misunderstanding. But all I know is we did everything the assistant told us to do, and we should have won £45.

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